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STABILO Creative Time Out Art Therapy Book and Pen Set

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Relax and get focused with this great colouring set from STABILO. Combining a great colouring book with a set of STABILO point 88 pens. STABILO point 88 is a high quality fineliner pen with specially selected colorants to ensure excellent brilliance and colour strength. Its odourless water based ink makes it ideal for drawing and colouring. With its fine-tip (0.4mm). This limited edition set comes with its own mini art therapy book which is the ideal gift. No worries if you forget to put on the cap after use as it can be left off for up to 24 hours without the pen drying out. STABILO point 88 is ideal for the whole family from revision to adding detail to the latest art piece.

  • Europe's number one fineliner
  • Contains an Anti-stress art therapy colouring book designed for busy people!
  • Long cap off time with 0.4 millimetres line width and water based ink •
  • STABILO 78 page colouring book and pen set
  • Ventilated Cap