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STABILO Trio DECO Wallet 8

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The STABILO Trio DECO fibre-tip metallic pens makes drawing and colouring truly exciting. The sparkling metallic colours brings works of art to life and are available in 8 colours. Ergonomic triangular grip zone makes the product suitable for children encouraging them to hold the pen with the dynamic tripod grip and are also CE-certified. The robust XL tip makes colouring in larger areas fun and easy whilst adding a shimmer to the final master piece. A clever gift idea for children and adults! The metallic fibre-tip pens are perfect for colouring and are also great for do-it-yourself projects. The pens create magical glitter effects on paper, cardboard, wood and other absorbent surfaces. Great for decorating gifts and designing cards, letters and photo albums. Trio DECO - great effects for brilliant moments of colouring!

  • The robust, thick XL tip applies ink generously to paper, cardboard and similar materials in no time, letting the user colour in larger areas quickly and easily
  • Perfect for small hands: the triangular grip zone encourages them to use the correct pen position from the start
  • Even adults can enjoy them - colouring larger areas in do-it-yourself projects with the practical tip width and metallic glitter
  • The perfect creative tool for making personalized cards and lovingly decorating gifts during the Christmas season
  • Shiny metallic shades go beyond the dull standard colours to make colouring even more fun for children